Banks and Companies Which Have Provided Credit to the Registry Are Corrupted


In the financial sector, where it is almost impossible to have a good or an item without taking a loan from banks and other financial institutions, as the number of loan applicants increases, the factors that institutions pay attention to become more important.

There are some criteria that need to be known in order to get credit easily from finance sources or to approve your loan in a short time. At the beginning of these, your bank record comes. It is important to pay attention to your registry in order to get easy credit, even though there are institutions that give credit to those with bad records.

What is Bank Registry?


If you know what the bank registry, which is effective at this stage of loan purchase, and what it does, and whether it rises or falls well, getting credit will be less troublesome. To summarize, a person’s bank registry is the scoring given to his success in commercial relations with banks. For this, it would be sufficient to have an account at any bank.

The factors such as the frequency of withdrawal of loans and whether you pay these loans in good order, the numerical form of money entering and leaving your account, automatic payment orders, and credit card payments will determine your bank registry. If you experience a case that you previously failed to manage your relations with banks well, your credit approval will be difficult as your bank record and score will below.

Is Bank Registry Good?

Is Bank Registry Good?

There are some steps to reverse this when your relationships and ratings with banks are low. For this you need to apply for a low limit credit card. It will not be difficult to get approval. You should keep track of your spending on this card on a regular basis, and make a basis for raising your limit by paying or even overpaying. Providing automatic payment orders to your account is another positive factor.

If the corruption of your bank registry is caused by a guarantor to someone else, never try to confront the banks again for similar reasons. Try to provide the volume of money entry-exit line through different channels except for salary transfer to your account. This will allow you to increase your credit even if it is not for a short time. If you are someone who has been blacklisted and has a problem in time, you can apply to the loans that banks give to corrupt persons.

Even if Your Registry Is Corrupted


Negative ratings entered in your register are not deleted for the first 5 years compared to the regulation made by the Central Bank. In addition, for the bank to be able to trust you again, you must be a consumer with a minimum order of 1 year. Those who do not have such a long time period and can benefit from the loans given by some banks.

At the beginning of these banks. These institutions have advertisements that will give credit to those with bad bank records. You should know that no financial institution will approve your loan without asking for documents or guarantors. In addition, the loan amount will be low and the maturity will be short.

Credit from Different Financial Firms

Banks are the first and only institution that consumers think of, as it is a matter of taking credit. The companies that provide loans in our homeland are not the only banks. Although it does not take a very transparent approach, there are institutions that provide loans in the market for certain interests with promissory notes or guarantors.

It is another option to go to these institutions and to apply and to request a loan. Factoring firms are also legal institutions where you have a chance to get another loan.

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