Agrellus Marketplace and Farm Leaders Launch Proving Ground for Agricultural Manufacturers

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Proving Ground provides over 370 data points, harvested to reveal farm-scale agronomic and economic performance data.

farm managers have been asking for this practical, more value-added analysis at the farm level for years! »

—Chris Johnson

LUBBOCK, TEXAS, USA, Nov. 17, 2022 / — Agrellus, Inc., North America’s Agricultural Marketplace, extends agricultural input solutions to more than 365,000 farms through a network dynamic of authorized local retailers, announced the launch of its unique practical farm-scale agronomic and economic analysis tool “Proving Ground” for manufacturers and agricultural executives across the United States. Agrellus Proving Ground’s product and management team provides high-value, fully independent certification for products from leading Ag input manufacturers.

Agrellus’ proving ground specialists conduct a fully independent agronomic and economic performance matrix, as well as rigorous testing processes applied to a range of product categories at practical farm scale. More than 370 data points are collected to reveal an agronomic and economic indicator level, where certified results are delivered on each individual product on the Agrellus Marketplace. A full readout of the single farm-scale trial is made available to farmers across America through the Agrellus Marketplace.

Kayla McMackin, Vice President of Agrellus Marketplace, is working with Agrellus team members across the United States to deliver these first two products to manufacturers for Proving Ground. The first product, a “Single Shot” farm-wide application, is available for agricultural input products such as adjuvants and a variety of specialty products, as well as a full season agronomic and economic analysis “Crop Term” for a variety of crops with real-time reports throughout the year.

“We are extremely pleased to make these products available to manufacturers,” said Chris Johnson, CEO of Agrellus, “farm managers have been asking for this practical, higher-value analysis at scale for years. Our product development team has delivered a powerful system, fully managed by Agrellus and independently certified, that provides the operations manager, as well as his operations manager, with practical feedback to scale while “demonstrating” the true economics of a product. Manufacturers truly find great value with these products because Proving Ground ultimately provides their business with farm-scale data to increase trust and product visibility.

Prototypes from Agrellus Proving Ground were used by farm managers over the summer to validate the technology and deliverables to the manufacturer. Agrellus specialists worked with leading manufacturers in Q4 2022 reserving “Single Shot” and “Crop Term” product nominations for Farm Leaders for 2023.

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