Albemarle plans to join regional council to pass local tax on cigarettes | Local government


If approved, localities are still expected to pass local cigarette tax ordinances before regional council collection begins in January.

According to TJPDC’s estimates, one-time costs for the council would be around $ 212,650 for technology and equipment, a vehicle for the application, a reserve and other start-up costs, which would be distributed among the localities. concerned.

In the first year, which would only be six months of the current fiscal year, ongoing costs are estimated to be approximately $ 98,240. This total covers salaries and benefits for two staff members, mileage, a parking pass, other vehicle costs, and other overhead costs. Ongoing costs for the remaining years would be approximately $ 196,480.

The TJPDC also estimated that in the first fiscal year, localities’ net incomes could vary from around $ 402,500 in Albemarle to $ 48,822 in Madison, while in other years they could vary from around $ 961,000. at $ 116,620, respectively.

The possible cigarette tax in Albemarle is one of the first ordinance changes to undergo an equity impact assessment by the county’s Office of Equity and Inclusion.

During a presentation earlier this year, county staff noted that those most affected by the passage of a cigarette tax will be owners of small grocery stores and convenience stores, low-income people, those most affected by the passing of a cigarette tax. who are black, native or of color; and those with severe mental health problems and substance abuse.


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