Apple repair prices could drop if new FTC ruling pushes manufacturers to restrict proprietary repairs


(Photo: Screenshot from Pexels official website) Apple repair prices could drop if a new FTC ruling pushes manufacturers to restrict exclusive repairs

Apple repair prices could drop if a new FTC ruling causes manufacturers to restrict their customers to exclusive repairs. A number of mobile phone companies allow their users to be repaired by the company itself. A new FTC ruling could change everything.

The US government to smartphone makers

CNN reports that if the US government pushes manufacturers, the design of future smartphones could make them easier and cheaper to repair. Smartphone makers like Apple have received a lot of criticism for making the iPhone more difficult to repair by an independent repair shop by restricting store access to internal components.

Apple, along with other companies, use special glue, other non-removable batteries, and memory. These components were supposed to be designed to ensure that they are capable of being repaired. However, the President of the United States notes that the FTC or Federal Trade Commission should put in place rules preventing manufacturers from shutting down independent repair shops as well as those seeking independent repairs.

FCC promises to remove restrictions

Just a week after the comments, the FCC promised it would remove illegal restrictions on repairing various products, including smartphones. Perhaps US government regulations would force companies like Apple to make tools, parts, diagnostics, and even repair manuals more accessible to other third-party companies.

IFixit CEO Kyle Wiens notes that the current right to repair laws that are being proposed in the United States have no impact on how these devices are designed. However, they focus on repair possibilities that might cause manufacturers to swap screws for more standard screws.

Smartphone designs

It was noted that this could also make the battery much easier to remove. The statement even noted that small changes would help make a big difference in a phone’s other capabilities according to notes by David McQueen from ABI Research, adding that a new screw might even help impact ratings. Total IPs of the phone.

According to PhoneArena, McQueen notes that phone makers have also worked hard to protect their devices from unwanted dust and water. It was noted if the devices have more screw holes and if they are easier to take apart, McQueen asked if that could compromise the ratings or if they would be lowered.

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Smartphone repairs remain expensive

The article notes that manufacturers often make phone repairs more expensive than buying a new unit. Pedro Pacheco, senior director of Gartner, told CNN that needs to change and that manufacturers will have to make design choices in order to minimize the cost of repairing devices.

A move by the United States government to regulate smartphone repair could save owners huge amounts of money to have their devices repaired. Apple has long been under scrutiny for its approach to third-party repair, but if the new rules were in place, that could all change.

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