Arrival in Tunisia of the very first shipment of American DDGS


A combination of competitive freight pricing and market-specific education efforts from the US Grains Council led to the very first shipment of Dried Distillers’ Grains with Solubles arriving in Tunisia. The shipment was delivered earlier this month and marked the opening of new opportunities for US growers and shippers to get product into the Mediterranean region.

The USGC’s Middle East and Africa office said the council’s strategy focused on marketing the US advantage in Tunisia for corn and corn co-products imports. The animal feed industry in Tunisia is a mature market compared to other neighboring countries, and the Council’s efforts have focused on the commercial service and promotion of these products. Bulk carrier rates on several key routes in the region are higher than previous record levels, meaning some importers are considering other options. This has boosted container rates in the United States, as feed grain importers near the Mediterranean Sea and Arabian Gulf have chosen to use containers over bulk shipments to keep feed costs down. The USGC regional office actively supports the growing demand for protein in the country by promoting American corn and its co-products, hosting events and hosting industry stakeholders in the United States.


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