Big CIIE Opportunity for Global Businesses Amid COVID-19: Vietnamese Exporter

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“Thanks to the CIIE, we can both maintain our relationships with old customers in China and find many potential ones regardless of the restrictions related to COVID-19,” said a Vietnamese participant.

by Xuan Nguyen

HANOI, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) – The China International Import Expo (CIIE), the fourth edition of which is currently taking place in China’s economic center of Shanghai, is a valuable opportunity for global manufacturers and exporters provided by China , said a Vietnamese participant. .

“Thanks to the exhibition, we can both maintain our relationships with old customers in China and find many potentials regardless of the restrictions related to COVID-19,” Ta Ngoc Hung, CEO of the manufacturer, told Xinhua. Vietnamese agricultural exporter Vinapro. .

Participating in CIIE since 2019, the company specializing in the export of products such as high-quality coffee, pepper, cinnamon, dried ginger and cashews will also participate in the online exhibition this year with a careful preparation, said the CEO.

The company successfully delivered its sampling products to Shanghai in October and finished organizing them at the exhibition site.

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As a three-term veteran, Vinapro is now very experienced in taking advantage of the event and “has set itself the goal of reaching more potential customers” than ever before, the company representative said confidently.

“From our observation, China is a market with enormous potential for agricultural products, especially cashews, pepper and cinnamon. These are also our main export products to the market,” said Hung in Xinhua.

According to the CEO, the business opportunities provided by the CIIE are even more valuable given the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has hampered business activities across the world.

“He embodies China’s willingness to open up to the world as an active promoter of international trade cooperation,” Hung said, adding that “as a foreign exporter, we really appreciate the valuable opportunities. , especially during a pandemic, and we will participate in the CIIE every year. “

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Since its inception in 2018, the CIIE has acted as an important platform for international procurement, investment promotion, cultural exchanges and open cooperation. This year, nearly 3,000 companies from 127 countries and regions are participating in the Shanghai World Trade Gala.

From a more collective point of view, the large exhibition is of great importance to foreign exporters around the world, especially Vietnamese, commented a representative of the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade.

“As they (manufacturers and exporters) cannot go anywhere to promote their products during the pandemic, the exhibition is a wide open door for them to connect with the world,” Luong Minh Thang, senior coordinator at the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency under the ministry told Xinhua.

Although they had to join the online exhibition due to recent COVID-19 developments, “several attendees indicated that they had found many potential customers and therefore expanded their exports,” said Thang, who has supported hundreds of Vietnamese companies joining CIIE over the years. .

China’s move to boost domestic consumption by importing more from abroad benefits its trading partners, Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce said in a press release recently sent to Xinhua.

Through the CIIE, it can promote exports of key items, including agricultural and fishery products, which Vietnam has the production competitiveness to provide at reasonable price and high quality. Meanwhile, these products are in high demand in China, according to the ministry.

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Vietnam will also benefit from being the import-export gateway between China and ASEAN, the ministry noted.

According to the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, the value of trade between China and the Southeast Asian country increased nearly 35% year-on-year between January and August, reaching nearly $ 150 billion despite the serious impact of the pandemic. China continued to be Vietnam’s biggest trading partner and biggest import market during the mentioned period.

Recognizing the importance of the exhibition, the Vietnamese side have long viewed it as an opportunity to strengthen trade facilitation and develop foreign trade. Over the years, high-level delegations accompanied by hundreds of companies have participated in the CIIE, the ministry noted.

This year, more than 100 Vietnamese companies will participate in the fourth CIIE via online tools, focusing on agro-fishing and processed foods and a number of potential export products from Vietnam, according to the ministry.

As for offline participation, around 30 Vietnamese companies have confirmed their attendance at this year’s event, CIIE organizers updated on their website. During the last three editions of the CIIE, a total of 102 Vietnamese companies exhibited their products on nearly 3,245 square meters of exhibition space.

Besides the business gathering, Vietnam will also participate in the Fourth CIIE National Online Exhibition with the aim of promoting the national image, culture, tourism and typical economic achievements to a large number of Chinese visitors. and international.

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