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Rajkot: Following a severe container shortage and high freight rates, nearly 60 Customs Officers (CHA) have teamed up to put together a new arrangement by adopting bulk cargo transportation.
A CHA charter vessel carries 20,000 tonnes for two to four weeks as needed, while a container carries 24 tonnes of cargo. Under the new arrangement, CHA’s add their clients’ cargo in jumbo bags on the specific date of a ship’s departure. Previously, CHA chartered vessels but for limited clients. However, they are now aggressively organizing the transport of bulk goods to make exporting affordable.
Containers are boxes for the easy transportation of the export of goods in limited quantities. But exporters who send multiple tons prefer bulk and do not need containers. Usually the maximum Indian exports are in containers and with the shortage the exports have become unsustainable.
Ashish Joshi, one of the CHA, told TOI: “In this new agreement, an exporter who would send 500 tonnes every week must now export 2000 tonnes once a month. We collect their cargo and store it in the port warehouse. The DPT warehouse is very good and the rates are affordable too. We collect all the cargo over one month to be exported together.
According to CHA, exporters find break bulk cheaper than renting containers. Warehouse and port handling charges are approximately 30 percent cheaper in DPT compared to other ports. The main products exported in bulk include rice, sugar, edible salt, minerals, engineering articles and tiles, among others. The main destinations are Nigeria, Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Egypt, Turkey, etc.
“When there was no shortage of containers, DPT processed 40,000 to 50,000 tonnes of grain products in a month. Currently in “break load”, this port handles around 2 lakh tonnes of freight in a month. Previously, the same cargo was exported from the ports of Mundra, Pipavav and Hazira in containers, ”Joshi added.
Another CHA, Balaji Naidu, said the biggest problem is the shortage. “In this new arrangement, we charter a vessel for a specific destination and release it at the destination. The shipowner finds other goods at the port of destination.
Rajkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) Vice President Parth Ganatra said: “Out of stock is 100% beneficial to all sectors. Not all engineering items are viable for out of stock, but if other products use this system, it will alleviate the shortage for engineering. We urge the government to encourage this arrangement to deal with the container shortage. ”

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