Byrna Technologies partners with 64-year-old Argentine firearms manufacturer, Bersa SA, to tap into the less lethal South American market

ANDOVER, Mass., August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Byrna Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: BYRN) (“Byrna”, “the Company”, “us” or “us”) is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into an agreement with Bersa SA to distribute Byrna’s products full range of less lethal personal self-defense products South America.

Bersa SA, founded in Buenos Aires in 1958, is one of the largest private companies in Argentina and one of only two remaining firearms manufacturers in all of South America. As such, Bersa firearms are carried by the Argentine Armed Forces, the Argentine Federal Police, and major law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Argentina and South America. Bersa currently sells its firearms, including its highly popular “Bersa Thunder 380” and “Bersa Thunder 9” pistols, through a network of several hundred dealers throughout the region.

By partnering with such a respected and established firearms company as Bersa, Byrna gains immediate credibility in the South American market and instant access to dozens of law enforcement agencies and hundreds of dealers. Indeed, thanks to its partnership with Bersa, Byrna was able to organize demonstrations for the Argentine armed forces as well as for the Argentine federal and provincial police.

This partnership was born when Bersa contacted Byrna in an attempt to find an effective non-lethal option to add to their product line. Although there is growing interest in non-lethal personal safety devices globally, the need for this type of product is particularly acute in South America where it is difficult for most civilians to legally obtain and/or carry a firearm.

In Argentina, the waiting period for the purchase of a firearm can be more than six months. Conversely, there are no restrictions when it comes to buying or carrying a Byrna. For this reason, Bersa believes that a safe, effective and reliable non-lethal alternative to a firearm can meet a high demand that is currently unmet.

Even for people who already own a firearm, the Byrna is an attractive option. In Argentina, 8.8% of the population (or nearly 5.0 million people) own a firearm, however, there are only 200 concealed carry permits nationwide. The Byrna offers these approximately 5.0 million firearm owners an effective self-defense option that they can legally wear when leaving their homes. Accordingly, Bersa intends to offer the Byrna line of self-defense products, including launchers, aerosols and body armor, to all of its existing civilian and law enforcement customers.

Manuel PizarroCEO of Bersa said “Bersa is extremely excited to partner with Byrna Technologies, the leader in less lethal personal self defense. By offering the Byrna line of self defense products, our retail partners will be able to ‘to offer their customers effective non-lethal tools and products that can be purchased without a license or a waiting period. At the same time, we are seeing huge demand from our law enforcement customers for a really effective less lethal option.

Bryan GanzCEO of Byrna said “we couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Bersa. We have been trying to figure out how to enter the South American market for some time. Given the restrictions on gun ownership, we believe that the opportunity in South America is huge. That said, we haven’t been able to find the right partner – until now. The “Byrna” is a premium product that should be sold through a company that understands how to sell premium products and has the distribution network to do so. »

“One need only look at the impressive range of world-class products manufactured by Bersa and over 64 years of continuous operations to know that Besa is such a company. We look forward to working with Bersa to enter the all-important South-East market. , a market that is both larger than the US market and more in need of a safe and effective non-lethal alternative for consumers who cannot legally obtain or carry a firearm.”

About Byrna Technologies Inc.

Byrna is a technology company specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of innovative non-lethal personal safety solutions. For more information about the company, please visit the company’s website here or the Company’s Investor Relations site here. The company is the manufacturer of the Byrna® SD Personal Safety Device, a state-of-the-art portable CO2 launcher designed to provide a non-lethal alternative to a firearm for the consumer, private security and law enforcement markets. of the order. To purchase Byrna products, visit the company’s online store.

About Bersa SA

Founded in the mid-1950s, Bersa SA is based in Argentina and manufactures handguns that are used all over the world. Accurate, reliable and highly affordable, Bersa pistols offer a host of safety features and are well suited for home defense, concealed carry, competition and target shooting. With nearly a dozen different pistols currently in production, the company offers something for every type of shooter, from the first-time buyer to the experienced sniper.

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