Cement manufacturers urged to start new factories early


LAHORE: The government of Punjab on Monday warned cement manufacturers that new certificates of no objection (NOC) issued for the installation of cement plants in the province could be canceled if they fail to launch projects within a deadline six months from the date of issue.

The warning was issued by Punjab’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce, Mian Aslam Iqbal, who chaired a review meeting of NOCs issued for the installation of new cement plants in the province.

The representatives of the cement factories having obtained the NOCs for the establishment of new cement factories met with the Minister to take stock. The meeting which lasted less than half an hour as the progress of the cement manufacturers on the new NOCs was mediocre.

In addition, the government has requested cement manufacturers to submit their timelines for project execution within one week, as the said notices of compliance have been issued on an expedited basis to increase investment opportunities and increase investment opportunities. employment in the province.

However, only a few cement manufacturers have started working on the new NOCs granted to them by the government. The majority of cement manufacturers have again complained about the number of issues such as environmental issues that they face even after obtaining government notices of compliance. The meeting discussed the progress and schedule for setting up new cement factories. Representatives of some companies discussed the reasons for the delay in establishing new cement plants. Aslam Iqbal observed that so many NOCs had never been issued in the history of the country in such a short time. The goal of accelerated NOCs is to establish cement factories in the same way. He said that with the establishment of new cement factories, billions of rupees could be invested in Punjab.

He said that 10 NOCs have been issued for the establishment of new cement factories to promote the construction sector and increase employment opportunities. Other NOCs will be issued after Cabinet approval, he said. It is relevant to note that new industries are settling in the province due to the pro-industrial policies of the government.


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