Christmas tree maker warns of supply shortages and price increases: “Go out and buy today”

It could be a blue Christmas this year for buyers of artificial trees.

Wholesalers warn strong demand coupled with nationwide supply shortages are limiting inventory and pushing retail prices up ahead of the holiday season.

“What we are telling consumers is act now, go out and buy today,” National Tree Company CEO Chris Butler told America Reports on Friday. “The peak week for buying Christmas trees is around this Thanksgiving time, and we think at this point the shelves might be pretty empty.”

The National Tree Company sees “record” demand for seasonal decoration as Americans plan to return to bigger celebrations after the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand is, however, being met with a supply constraint in containers from China dating back to early summer.

“We’re suddenly trying to get containers with all the other importers of goods from China,” Butler said. “Not only did we not get all the containers we wanted to get, but the prices went up tenfold.”

The price increases will be passed on to the consumer, with the costs of artificial trees set to rise 20-30% this fall. Butler believes the pricing won’t deter consumers looking to spend money and furnish new homes purchased during the pandemic.


“With this strong demand, consumers are ready to buy them,” he said.

According to the American Christmas Tree Association, 75% of American households sported a Christmas tree last year, with 85% of those trees being artificial. The National Christmas Tree Company’s most popular trees are expected to cost between $ 200 and $ 300 this year.

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