Contegra builds 70,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Missouri


Automotive LED lighting maker Diode Dynamics is expanding its business with plans to relocate to a new 70,000 square foot headquarters / manufacturing facility in St. Charles, Missouri this fall. Contegra Construction built the facility at the Fountain Lakes Commerce Center.

The facility will include a showroom, four engineering bays, an electronics manufacturing area, an engineering lab, a 30-foot-high warehouse, and two-story office space. Diode Dynamics Reports Strong Demand For Its Products In Aftermarket LED Lighting Industry, Requiring Expansion Of Manufacturing Capacity To Support Growth

The company will relocate all of its existing employees from Earth City, Missouri, and plans to add 36 new positions over the next five years.

Located at 3870 Millstone Parkway in St Charles, the new headquarters and manufacturing facility are constructed with conventional steel frames and tilting and load-bearing concrete exterior wall panels. In close collaboration with Diode Dynamics, Contegra customizes the installation to meet specific needs. When complete, the facility will house a 16,000 square foot office, 37,000 square foot warehouse and 14,000 square foot manufacturing area.

Joining Contegra on the project are Remiger Design, BAX Engineering and SSC Engineering. Subcontractors include Kaemmerlen Electric, electricity; OJ Laughlin Plumbing Co., Inc., plumbing; Wiegmann Associates, mechanics; and Bi-State Fire Protection Corp., fire protection.

The project is funded by Bank of Franklin County. Diode Dynamics was represented by James Delgado of Cozad Commercial Real Estate, with David Zobel of Danna McKitrick, PC acting as counsel. The project is supported by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, the St. Charles County Economic Development Council (EDC) 504 Loan Program, and the City of St. Charles, Missouri..


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