Costco shoppers can’t get enough of this classic Kirkland trail mix


The ingredients in Costco’s classic Kirkland Signature Trail Mix are largely as you might expect: nuts, raisins and chocolate. Obviously, anyone with a nut allergy should avoid the mixture at all costs. A Reddit post a month ago noted that the blend had also been somewhat reformulated and there was now peanut M&M as well, although this is not (yet) reflected in the art of packaging. (via Eat This, Not That!).

Some might be surprised to learn that this snack is listed as kosher on the Costco website (via Costco). Those with allergies should be aware, however, that the product is packaged in a factory that also contains wheat and eggs. There are about 60 quarter-cup servings per bag, which works out to about 160 calories per serving.

And when it comes to eating, everyone has their own method. The Tahoeparis fan says, “I put aside the M & Ms (mostly) and give them to the guys in the office. I prefer salted nuts and sweet raisins!” while another fan, yusuphysique, shared: “All the mms are already gone lol and then the almonds!” Meanwhile, user abandoned added: “I take out all the raisins first.”

No matter how you eat them, this Costco find seems like a really good deal and a longtime favorite. Sometimes the classics are the best.


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