Cresco Labs’ Summer of Social Justice initiative raised over $ 250,000 and supported the deregistration process of over 1,000 people with cannabis-related criminal records

CHICAGO Cresco Laboratories (CSE: CL) (OTCQX: CRLBF) (“Cresco Labs” or “the Company”), a vertically integrated multi-state operator and America’s leading wholesaler of branded cannabis products, today announced its national initiative ” Summer of Social Justice “raised over $ 250,000 for community organizations focused on social justice and supported the de-listing process for over 1,000 people with cannabis-related criminal records.

In June, a trailer was released for “The Sentence of Michael Thompson”, a short documentary part of Cresco Labs’ “Summer of Social Justice” initiative. The film will be released in 2022.

The “Summer of Social Justice” initiative launched on June 19, to mark the 50th anniversary of the war on drugs, was supported by Cresco Labs, its Sunny side retail brand and its flagship cannabis brand, Cresco. The initiative included support for community events and Know Your Rights workshops, a short documentary on the impact of the War on Drugs on Michael Thompson’s conviction, and financial contributions from the company and its third-party vendors. . The initiative has also helped amplify the ongoing restorative justice, community business incubator, and education and workforce development programs facilitated by the Social Equity & Educational Development (SEED) initiative. from Cresco Labs.

“Through our ‘Summer of Social Justice’ initiative, we affirm our commitment to social equity as a core business value,” said Charlie Bachtell, CEO of Cresco Labs. “As the United States moves to decriminalize cannabis and the industry continues to grow, it is critical that companies use their platforms and resources to help restore communities and create opportunities for the people of BIPOC. and their families affected by the war on drugs. We value the passion of our partners, customers and employees who have lent their voice, time, expertise and money to efforts to build and uplift the communities in which we operate. Cresco Labs is committed to pursuing initiatives such as the “Summer of Social Justice” that will help the cannabis industry continue to grow into a responsible and respectable industry.

Chima Enyia, Executive Vice President of SEED from Cresco Labs, added, “It has been a privilege to lead a nationwide erasure initiative that has supported the restoration of rights and agency for more than one. thousand people and work with every business unit in the organization to roll out programming that has raised awareness of social equity and engaged our customers and partners to take action. There are still over 40,000 people imprisoned for cannabis across the country, and for these people, their families and their communities, the war on drugs continues. Upon completion of our first Summer of Social Justice initiative, we will continue to demonstrate our commitment and responsibility to historically marginalized individuals, businesses and communities, while encouraging our peers and clients to continue to support community organizations. focused on social justice. “

Highlights of the “Summer of Social Justice” initiative

In total, the “Summer of Social Justice” initiative has raised more than $ 250,000.

Cresco Labs third-party vendors have donated over $ 150,000, which has been donated to various community organizations across the country for their ongoing social justice work.

A portion of the proceeds from wholesale Cresco branded products, Sunnyside in-store fundraising, and anonymous matching contributions totaled over $ 100,000, which went to the Cannabis Justice Initiative, a component of the Back to Freedom Project of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, to provide free legal resources to those affected by the war on drugs.

Collaboration with eight community organizations – National Alliance for Cannabis Diversity and Inclusion, Institute of Community Justice, PA Medical Marijuana Education Center, National purification works, Community Alternatives Center, Legal Aid Society of New York, Black and Brown Cannabis Guild and Social change – in 10 states to support over 25 Know Your Rights erasure events and information sessions.

Served over 1,000 people at write-off events and workshops Know Your Rights with obtaining a rap sheet, reviewing eligibility for de-listing, legal support for de-listing and legal rights education.

Cresco Labs employees have dedicated hundreds of hours of support to provide education, legal, marketing and fundraising services to community organizations focused on social justice.

Release of the trailer for “Michael Thompson’s sentence, A short documentary film about the story of Michigan’s oldest non-violent offender. Thanks to a pardon granted last January, Thompson was serving a 60-year sentence in the Muskegon Correctional Facility in Michigan for selling 3 pounds of cannabis to a police informant in 1994. The documentary will be released in 2022.

launched a microsite on the Cresco brand website which encouraged individuals and businesses to take action for criminal justice reform by sharing personal stories, signing The Last Prisoner Project (LPP) The Time to Heal petition or the sending of a letter of support to those currently incarcerated for cannabis offenses.

Contribution to the collection of over 4,000 signatures, exceeding the LPP target, via a Sunnyside store petition and the Cresco brand microsite. LPP’s Time to Heal campaign calls on President Biden to advance criminal justice reform by granting clemency to the tens of thousands of people incarcerated on federal cannabis convictions.

About Cresco Labs Inc.

Cresco Labs is one of the largest vertically integrated multi-state cannabis operators in the United States, with a mission to standardize and professionalize the cannabis industry. Employing a consumer packaged goods (“CPG”) approach, Cresco Labs is the largest wholesaler of branded cannabis products in the United States. Its brands are designed to meet the needs of all consumer segments and include some of the most recognized and trusted national brands. including Cresco, High Supply, Mindy’s Edibles, Good News, Remedi, Wonder Wellness Co. and FloraCal Farms. Sunnyside, the national dispensary brand of Cresco Labs, is a wellness-focused retailer created to build confidence, education and convenience for existing and new cannabis users. Recognizing that the cannabis industry is on its way to becoming one of the nation’s leading job creators, Cresco Labs manages the industry’s largest social equity and educational development initiative, SEED, which has been established. to ensure that all members of society have the skills, knowledge and opportunity to work and own businesses in the cannabis industry. Learn more about Cresco Labs on

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