European trade in natural dyestuffs peaks at nearly $720 million

IndexBox has just published a new report: ‘EU – Coloring Matter Of Plant Or Animal Origin – Market Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends And Outlook’. Here is a summary of the main findings of the report.

Over the last decade, European exports of natural coloring materials have increased from $494 million in 2010 to $720 million in 2020. Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Germany and France are the main European exporters of natural coloring matter, representing 89% of the total export volume in the EU. The Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Denmark are the largest importers of natural coloring matter from the EU.

Exports of natural coloring matter to the EU

In 2020, approx. 47,000 tonnes of coloring matter of plant or animal origin were exported to the EU, down -2.7% in 2019. Total export volume increased at an average annual rate of +3.1% from 2010 to 2020.

In value, dyestuff exports increased from $651 million in 2019 to $720 million (IndexBox estimates) in 2020. Total export value grew at an average annual rate of +3.8% from 2010 to 2020.

The largest shipments were recorded from Spain (12,000 tons), the Netherlands (8.8,000 tons), Italy (7.1,000 tons), Denmark (5.4,000 tons) , Germany (4.5,000 tonnes) and France (3.7,000 tonnes). reaching 89% of total exports. Ireland (1.3K tonnes) and Austria (1.1K tonnes) followed far behind the leaders.

In terms of value, the main countries supplying dyestuffs to the EU were the Netherlands ($143 million), Spain ($116 million) and Denmark ($113 million), together accounting for 52 % of total exports. These countries were followed by Germany, Italy, France, Ireland and Austria, which together accounted for an additional 43%.

Over the past decade, Austria (+23% per year) has recorded the highest growth rate in the value of exports, while the other leaders have experienced more modest growth rates.

In 2020, the export price of coloring matter of vegetable or animal origin in the EU amounted to 15,228 dollars per ton, up 14% compared to the previous year. There were significant differences in average prices between major exporting countries. In 2020, the country with the highest price was Ireland, while Spain was among the lowest. From 2010 to 2020, the most notable growth rate in terms of prices was achieved by Austria, while the other leaders experienced more modest growth rates.

The largest European importers of natural coloring matter

In 2020, the Netherlands (13K tons), followed far behind by Italy (8.3K tons), France (5.3K tons), Germany (5K tons), Spain (4.8K tonnes) and Denmark (3K tonnes) were the leading importers of coloring matter of plant or animal origin, together accounting for 79% of total imports. The following importers – Belgium (2.1K tonnes), Ireland (1.4K tonnes), Austria (1.3K tonnes) and Poland (1.3K tonnes) – together accounted for 12% of total imports.

By value, Germany ($108m), Spain ($97m) and France ($77m) were the countries with the highest import levels in 2020, with a combined share of 46% total imports. Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Poland and Austria lag slightly behind, together accounting for an additional 45%.

Source: IndexBox Platform