Even the humble Suzuki Swift can’t escape the labor tax


Transport Minister Michael Wood urgently needs to clarify who will be exposed to his car tax, National Transport spokesman David Bennett said.

“When Minister Wood launched his car tax, he said it would focus on the most polluting vehicles. But he also presented a document to Cabinet showing that he intended to phase in the tax so that it would apply by 2028 to a car as efficient as a 2021 Suzuki Swift.

“Responding on his behalf, Minister James Shaw said he stood by this decision.

“Mr. Wood needs to tell New Zealanders the truth and make them understand that his plan is to tax almost all gasoline cars in the country. Its tax will not just apply to utes and vans.

“Earlier this year, the government released a list of cars that would be taxed under its policy, but it is clear that this detail is now obsolete as the minister changed the method of calculating greenhouse gas emissions on cars.

“Now, just months before this tax is supposed to go into effect, car importers don’t know how much tax each car will pay.

“It is not enough for the minister to say that it is consumers and not importers who have to pay these fees, importers will always have to tell buyers what taxes they will have to pay.

“The Motor Industry Association estimates that the minister’s auto policies will increase the cost of cars by 15 to 20 percent.

“New Zealand imports about $ 5 billion in cars a year, which means Labor is pushing through $ 1 billion in tax hikes at a time when the Kiwis can least afford it.”

“The Labor Party must remove its punitive car tax. “

Notes to Editors: A table describing which cars will be taxed and when is attached.


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