Expand census to Muslims, don’t include importers: Giriraj Singh

Cited a request made in the 1990s that illegal settlers in 11 sections of Bihar were about 4 lakhs at the time and stressed the need not to include them in the work which would give legality “to those who enter , which are not named after the politics of persuasion”.

The Union Minister said on Wednesday that the proposed history in Bihar should include settlers like Bangladesh and Rohingya, who are not known to be so due to the “connection policy”.

The BJP leader, who was present to take part in the meeting of the saffron party’s board of trustees, said it was necessary to pass tough anti-reform legislation, abolished the use of the word “minor” and deleted all “signs of foreign intrusion” similar to the Gyanvapi tabernacle, a religious structure in Varanasi.

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Giriraj Singh, who represents Begusarai Lok Sabha headquarters on the ground, told intelligence that these were his “ideas” on the hottest issues of the day, in front of many party associates.

The union minister said he fully supports the parish government’s decision to poll the population, although the Institute declined to take note. He was speaking a slew of hours ahead of an all-party conference chaired by Prime Minister Nitish Kumar, which will begin a vote on the government. Still, he added that “Muslims, who take the opportunity to teach retrospectives, should also be included in this work.”

He cited a claim made in the 1990s that illegal settlers in the 11 companies in Bihar were close to 4 lakhs at the time and stressed the need not to include them in the design which would give authority to “settlers, without being asked”. namely because of the politics of persuasion”.

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“Whether they are Bangladeshis, Rohingyas (from Myanmar) or any other illegal population, they must be kept out,” Singh said.

Known for his Hindutva station, the Union minister also stressed the need for a “strong anti-reform law”.

He said there is a need to review the term nonage and count it taking into account the watchword of the Narendra Modi government “Sabka saath sabka vikas”.
“Indeed (Mehmood) Madani said he does not belong to a non-age group,” Singh said, referring to Pastor Deoband’s recent statement that Muslims should consider themselves ‘as numerous’ as all. “similar” people.

Asked how he handled Gyanvapi’s disagreement and the oohing of video checks of structures and the Places of Worship Act of 1991, and the outrage of those seeking “restoration” of the tabernacle in a Muslim area, he said the matter was sub-judicial and could not note on such a matter.

Yet, in my opinion, the POW law does not apply to Gyanvapi. We also need to understand why Muslims are so exploited by leaked videotapes,” he said.

Yet the case would have been settled,” if Sardar Patel had lived longer and Rajendra Prasad was president. But Nehru put walls to his conspiracy policy. It was free. After all, the country was divided in the name of religion,” Singh added.