Exporters can now register once with Customs from anywhere in India

The AD code with the associated bank account record in the system was a one-time process for an IEC to deposit the document (i.e. shipping invoice) at any customs EDI port. An AD code had to be registered in each port where the documents were deposited. There may be multiple AD codes associated with an IEC on different ports. The application for registration can be made online via ICEGATE ID or at customs. The same had to be approved by an officer in each individual port, where the IEC requested registration of the AD code.

The AD code with the associated bank account will now need to be registered in the system at only one port, and thereafter the AD code will be available at all customs offices. For any new AD code registration (or update) in any port, it must be registered via an online request to ICEGATE. The option to add/edit AD code and account against an IEC has been disabled in ICES under the “CLK” role. As in the current procedure, the request would be approved by the agent assuming the CLK role at that particular port. Once an AD code is registered against an IEC at any port, the same can be used for all ports. There is no requirement for separate registration in other ports for filing documents. In addition, any change/amendment in the particular AD code account details shall be made to this registration port only, i.e. the port chosen by the IEC at the time of the registration request. Additionally, multiple AD codes and associated accounts can be registered with an IEC. No changes have been made in this respect. As explained above, all multiple AD codes will need to be registered in the system at one of the ports as explained above. Thus, for an IEC, there may be different registration ports for different AD codes.

Additionally, for existing AD codes and associated accounts registered for an IEC, the customs port, where the last shipping invoice with a particular AD code was deposited, was taken as the port of record for that AD code in the system. The registration port details for each AD code registered against an IEC would be available on the ICEGATE login ID under the Bank Account Operation Technology Management option to serve taxpayers. As explained above, any changes/amendments in the details of the particular AD code account will need to be made to this port only.