FIR filed against two wholesalers in Odisha

Cuttack: An FIR has been filed against two drug wholesalers in the city here in connection with the sale of fake drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure.

The drug inspector filed the FIR at Purighat police station here after pharmaceutical major Glenmark clarified that it had not manufactured the antihypertensive drugs – Telma-40 and Telma-AM – seized from several pharmacies in Silver City and many other places in Odisha. .

Notably, the Drug Control Administration of Health and Family Welfare department had raided several pharmacies in seven districts of Odisha amid allegations of selling fake drugs to treat patients with high blood pressure.

According to the allegation, counterfeit drugs under the brand names of popular antihypertensive drugs – Telma-40 and Telma-AM – had been sent to around 1,000 pharmacies in Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Balasore and several other places in the state.

Drug Control Administration officials had raided pharmacies at 12 locations in Cuttack, including Manikghosh Bazar, Badambadi, Bankabazar and Mangalabag. The officials had seized cartons of the aforementioned drugs worth more than Rs 30 lakh from various pharmacies. They had sent the samples of the drugs seized for laboratory testing.

Subsequently, the Odisha Medicines Control Directorate had ordered the immediate recall of the two particular medicines intended for the treatment of high blood pressure and heart disease.

In a letter to all manufacturers and suppliers, Drug Inspector’s Office Bhubaneswar-IV Range has ordered the recall of Telma-40 (Telmisartan Tablets IP 40mg) Batch No. 18211055 manufactured in March 2022 (date of release). expiration – February 2025), and Telma -AM of lot no. 18220083 manufactured in February 2022 (expiration date – January 2025) manufactured by M/s Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The order was issued under the Medicines and Cosmetics Enforcement Act 1940 and the rules made thereunder.

“In reference to the subject cited above, you are requested to stop the sale and purchase of the medicine mentioned above and to return all medicines to the supplier with immediate effect under intimate at this office. This can be considered as the most important,” the letter read.