Government will soon launch 24/7 telephone support for exporters: Piyush Goyal


Sep 20, 2021 5:49 PM STI

New Delhi [India], Sept. 20 (ANI): The government will soon launch a 24/7 hotline for exporters where they can get redress of complaints, Trade and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said at the meeting. the launch of National Vanijya Saptah in the Noida Special Economic Zone.
Goyal said during the onset of Covid-19, the government launched a 24/7 helpline for traders. But now we believe that in order to resolve exporters‘ issues he needs to deploy a similar 24/7 hotline. It will escalate exporters’ issues to the next level if necessary, he said. The government will publish the hotline number soon.
Today, the Vanijya Saptah campaign was launched by Piyush Goyal in Noida SEZ. Announcing this Goyal said that this Vanijya Saptah will be held in about 749 districts. We are proud to start this campaign from the largest state in the country which is moving rapidly towards progress. Uttar Pradesh does well in developing infrastructure such as airports, railways, and multi-model transportation platforms. Uttar Pradesh improved its ease of doing business ranking from 12th to 2nd place in 2018-19.
“Through Vanijya Saptah, we rekindle the confidence of our exporters and the business community. UP is doing very well in a district on the product program. We need to improve our quality and productivity and using technology our goal should be to manufacture our products internationally, “he said.
The UP government’s One District-One Product program aims to encourage indigenous and specialty UP products and crafts that are not found anywhere else. Amroha District is known for its brass and aluminum products, but it also does well in the production of musical equipment. Badaun District is well known for its mustard seeds.
Responding to a question about the container shortage, the Minister of Commerce said, “We provide marketing assistance to our farmers for their products that are exported. We have extended that marketing support so that our farmers can get the help they need. We are also discussing this issue. with the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Railways and Maritime Transport. The container shortage is a global problem, despite this our government is trying to provide a solution and increase the availability of containers in the country. “(ANI)


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