Heroin worth Rs 1,439 crore seized near Kandla port in Gujarat; importer arrested

The Tax Intelligence Directorate seized 205.6 kg of heroin worth Rs 1,439 crore from a container near Kandla port in Gujarat and arrested a Punjab importer in this regard following a vast search operation, the DRI announced on Monday.

According to a senior police official, the contraband was recovered from one of 17 containers that arrived at Kandla port from Iran between September and October last year.

Earlier on April 21, Gujarat Counter Terrorism Squad announced that DRI in a joint operation with ATS seized over 200kg of heroin worth Rs 1300 crore after conducting a raid on a container station near the port of Kandla in the Kutch district of the state. .

On Monday, the DRI said in a statement: “Based on intelligence developed jointly with Gujarat ATS officers, officers from the Directorate of Tax Intelligence are currently examining a consignment, imported by a company based in Uttarakhand at the port of Kandla”. The shipment arrived at Kandla Port from Bandar Abbas Port, Iran. The shipment, imported in 17 containers containing 10,318 bags, had a gross weight of 394 metric tons and was declared as “gypsum powder”, according to the statement.

”So far, 205.6 kg of heroin, worth Rs 1,439 crore in the illicit market, has been recovered. A detailed examination of the cargo is still in progress at the port,” the DRI said. ”The importer was not found at the registered address in Uttarakhand. As a result, a manhunt was launched across the country to catch the importer,” said the DRI, which did not reveal the identity of the importer.

The DRI conducted searches at various locations across India to locate the importer, who was changing location and hiding to evade identification.

He was eventually arrested in a small village in Punjab under the provisions of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS). The importer had tried to resist and flee, but he was caught by DRI agents, the statement said.

The DRI secured his pre-trial detention at a special court in Amritsar on Sunday. He will appear in a court in the city of Bhuj in Kutch on Monday, he said.

Commenting on the development, Gujarat Police Director General Ashish Bhatia said the 17 containers arrived at Kandla port from Iran between September and October last year and have been under scanning since then.

”Although the containers were searched at the time as well, nothing suspicious was found by the authorities. Later, based on a specific ATS entry that a container was carrying the contraband, the DRI, with the assistance of forensic experts, recovered 205.6 kg of heroin from this container’ ‘, Bhatia told ATS headquarters here.

The development comes months after 2,988kg of heroin worth Rs 21,000 crore were seized in two containers at Mundra Port in Gujarat in September last year.

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