Hyderabad: fruit sellers, depressed workforce


Hyderabad: With the closure of the Kothapet fruit market on Sunday and the government’s decision to relocate it to Batasingaram, vendors, wholesalers, hamalis, commissionaires and workers are depressed.

Their main concern is the cost of transport. They alleged that the new Batasingaram market lacks proper equipment. With the market closing, sellers are wondering how to sell their stock.

The vendors alleged that the Batasingaram market lacked civic facilities.

The other problem is transportation. They accused market officials on Sunday morning of harassing them.

Kothapet Market, also known as Gaddiannaram Market, was moved from the old Jambagh Fruit Market in 1986. Since then it has been the only regulated market for the buying and selling of fruit. from the city.

According to the vendors, market officials recently took them to the new Batasingaram market. But like the Kothapet Fruit Market, the new location lacks proper civic amenities.

While the Kothapet market is 24 acres in size, has over 200 stores / shelters and multiple platforms, the new market has no platform or shed. Said Mohammad Asghar, Fruit Wholesaler, Kothapet Fruit Market, “We are in a dilemma as we have been asked to move to Batasingaram from October 1 as the market has been closed permanently.

For 30 years I have settled in the locality near the market. The main problem we would face is transportation, as the new market is almost 40 km away. Every day to reach the locality, we will have to spend heavy sums on transport. In addition, the new market is not well developed. Other than that, my main concern remains the fruit stock. I don’t know what to do with it.

Said T Ramu, a day laborer, “we are being asked to go to Batasingaram. which is very far from Kothapet. Over the past 20 years I have uploaded and downloaded fruit from the market. will have difficulty traveling, as the new market is located in an isolated location and there is no adequate security there.


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