“I hope we can quickly start exporting new onions to Africa and Central America”


In the Netherlands, JP Beemsterboer Food Traders focuses entirely on new onions. “There is probably still a good batch of old onions somewhere. But the non-European export season is closed for the old harvest”, explains William Nannes. “The whole onion market is in a bad mood. This is due to the number of onions still available. Last year the mood was fantastic in the fall. Things, however, turned out to be a little different than expected. “

“The more we profess shortages, the more buyers look for alternatives. Last season proved it, once again. Producers have every right to try and push prices up. But if that increase isn’t based on demand, it is incredibly restrictive. Especially if Bale prices go over the level of around € 0.25. Then things get tough. We realized that we cannot be sure that onions are sold so much. that they’re not actually sold. That didn’t happen in January. “

“The price of the new onion is around € 0.30. It will drop even more this week. So customers still have a certain wait-and-see attitude. There aren’t too many onions available yet. This is because it has been wet, but it dries out quickly. We hope to resume exports to Africa and Central America soon. It seems possible, although containers are still scarce at the moment. But the onions are growing well. We might even set a new export record this season. Certainly, with average prices, ”concludes William.

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Guillaume Nannes
JP Beemsterboer Food traders
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