India is the biggest lemongrass exporter, says expert

From its biggest importer until just a few years ago, India has become the biggest exporter of lemongrass, a plant which is not only used as a flavoring in foods but also has multiple medicinal properties, said Professor Prabodh Kumar Trivedi, director of the Central Institute. of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), Lucknow, Monday.

Inaugurating a two-week Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “Computational Biology in Therapeutics and Theranostics” organized by the Department of Applied Science, Indian Institute of Information Technology-Allahabad (IIIT-A) on its Jhalwa campus, Professor Trivendu said about 1,000 tons of lemongrass is produced annually in the country, of which 400 tons are exported in line with Prime Minister “Atamnirbhar Bharat’s” ambitious plan.

Professor RS Verma, Director of IIIT-A, highlighted the phenomenal growth of genetic engineering. He said computational biology and bioinformatics are interdisciplinary fields that develop and apply computational methods to analyze large collections of biological data, such as genetic sequences, cell populations or protein samples for new discoveries.

He hoped that such faculty development programs would provide new avenues for scholars.

Dean of IIIT-A (Academics), Prof. Neetesh Purohit said the institute is successfully working on a flexible academic program as part of the execution of the new National Education Policy-2020.

Dr. Ratan Saha, Head of Applied Science Department at IIIT-A, said that computing is used in a wide variety of bioscience applications. The institute’s Prof. Krishna Mishra also delivered a lecture after the inaugural ceremony.