Iranian lawmaker warns of massive uprisings in coming months

A conservative Iranian lawmaker has warned of massive uprisings in the country if the economic situation continues to deteriorate in the coming months.

Criticizing President Ebrahim Raisi’s decision to cut food subsidies, Ahmad Naderi said on Sunday that the government was on the wrong track on some issues.

He said the reforms proposed by Raisi in next year’s budget could endanger the entire regime of the Islamic Republic.

Raisi is pushing to end cheap government dollars for importers of essential food and medicine as he faces a huge budget shortfall.

Naderi also criticized former President Hassan Rouhani’s policies, saying Raisi’s government cannot work miracles and undo “the disasters” that occurred during Rouhani’s eight-year “neoliberal administration” in several months, but that the new government should be on the right track. .

“I warn that if these approaches continue, we will reach a point where we will see great social upheaval,” he said.

Earlier today, the parliamentary budget review committee rejected Raisi’s plans to eliminate the cheap dollar grant.

Workers and employees of various economic sectors, including teachers, nurses, firefighters, and even members of the judicial department staff, organize regular protest rallies or strikes demand better working conditions and wages.

Food prices have risen by more than 60% in recent months, on top of the high inflation of the previous three years, while the government is unable to raise wages enough as US sanctions hamper oil exports at full capacity and international trade.