Liberia: No further increase in gas and jet fuel prices, assures the Ministry of Commerce

The Department of Trade and Industry says it will no longer raise the price of petrol (PMS) and jet fuel for the month of June.

The Ministry also indicates that there will be a slight reduction in the price of fuel (AGO) and assures that it continues to work with importers of petroleum products to ensure that there is enough stock in the country to serve. the market for the next two years. month.

According to a press release, the government of Liberia appreciates those who fully execute their procurement mandate as approved oil importers.

At the same time, the ministry once again assures the public of its commitment to ensuring that essential commodities are available and affordable in the local market in line with the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD ).

It should be recalled that earlier this year, the Ministry of Trade and Industry informed the public that amid the global supply chain disruptions posed by COVID 19 and subsequently the Russian- Ukraine, which significantly affects the cost of freight and sourcing products from international suppliers, the Liberian government has reassured the public about ensuring the accessibility and availability of essential products in the local market.

“As the industry institution charged with ensuring a safe and conducive business climate for Liberia, we will continue to assess the public as new developments unfold regarding the availability and pricing of products. base in the Liberian market,” the statement concluded. Press release