MADE Winner: Exporter Category | WilmingtonBiz

american hammer

Year of foundation: 1952

Number of employees: 15

High official : Ted Leitter, President and CEO

Company Description: “An American industrial manufacturing company producing over 600 different hand hammers for the domestic and international metal fabrication industry. 100% American made right here in Wilmington, NC.

How has your company developed since its creation? “Beginning as a small niche manufacturing company in a small town in Illinois, producing less than 30 different hammers for a local tool and die market, to today becoming the largest hammer company 100% American in the world, producing hammers for every conceivable industrial application in the world.With two US patents and three registered trademarks and over 600 different hammers found everywhere from the heights of space (SpaceX) to the coal mines and copper on planet Earth. We are the epitome of the hammer business and we are very proud of our success.”

What are your future goals for this product? “Build or purchase a larger facility so we can bring all of our manufacturing here under one roof and employ many more Wilmington residents while we produce man’s oldest tool; for the world and beyond.

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