Manalapan officials hold public hearing on cannabis ordinance


MANALAPAN – Members of the municipal committee have set July 14 as the date for a public hearing on a proposed ordinance that, if passed, will ban the operation of any class of cannabis business in Manalapan.

The order was presented on June 16. The public hearing on the ordinance will be held at the Manalapan Municipal Complex, 120 Route 522 and Taylors Mill Road, at 7:30 pm On July 14, any member of the public may comment on the proposed ordinance. at this moment.

Potential action at Manalapan follows New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulation, Enforcement Assistance and Market Modernization Act, also known as A-21, which was approved by lawmakers state in February after New Jersey residents voted in 2020 to approve a constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana. .

State law legalizes the use of recreational marijuana (also known as adult marijuana) for certain adults, subject to state regulation; it decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana and hashish (a concentrate of marijuana); and it is removing marijuana as a Schedule I (high abuse potential) drug.

By August 21, officials in each New Jersey municipality must decide whether one or all state-approved cannabis companies will be allowed to operate within their borders. If they don’t act, automatic zoning will allow cannabis businesses to operate.

City officials, including those of Manalapan, have the possibility of issuing six types of cannabis-related licenses:

• Cannabis grower license, for facilities involved in the cultivation and cultivation of cannabis;

• Cannabis manufacturer license, for facilities involved in the manufacture, preparation and packaging of cannabis articles;

• Cannabis wholesaler license, for facilities involved in obtaining and selling cannabis items for subsequent resale by other license holders;

• Cannabis distributor license, for companies involved in the transport of bulk cannabis plants from one licensed grower to another licensed grower, or bulk cannabis items from any type of licensed cannabis business to a licensed grower. other;

• Cannabis Retailer License, for locations where cannabis items and related supplies are sold to consumers;

• Cannabis Delivery License, for companies providing courier services for consumer purchases that are made by an authorized cannabis retailer to deliver the purchased items to a consumer; this service would include the ability of a consumer to make a purchase directly through the cannabis delivery service which would be presented by the delivery service for execution by a retailer and then delivered to a consumer.

Manalapan officials offer not to issue any type of cannabis license. By law, they cannot prohibit the delivery of cannabis and cannabis supplies to addresses in Manalapan by a licensed delivery service in another municipality.

According to the proposed ordinance, if Manalapan officials do not take action by August 21, then “for a period of five years thereafter the cultivation, cultivation, manufacture, sale and resale of cannabis and cannabis-based articles will be permitted in all industrial sectors. and the retail sale of cannabis items to consumers is conditional use in all commercial and retail areas.

“At the end of the initial period and any subsequent five-year period of failure to pass local regulations or bans, the municipality will again have 180 days to pass an ordinance regulating or banning cannabis businesses, but such an ordinance would only be prospective and would not apply to any cannabis company already operating in the municipality, ”says the ordinance.

Manalapan officials said they determined that “due to current uncertainties regarding the potential future impacts that licensing one or more categories of the cannabis trade could have on New Jersey municipalities in general, and on Manalapan in particular, it is currently necessary and, and in the best interests of the health, safety and welfare of the township and its residents, to amend the township zoning bylaws to prohibit all kinds use and development of land related to marijuana within the geographic boundaries of the township.


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