Manufacturers delivered after tax cuts | Journal-news

Jon Freund


Makers have stayed strong during the pandemic, and they never stop when it comes to making the things our people need. It’s hard to imagine anyone in Congress ignoring this and suggesting that raising taxes on business and industry is a good idea, especially as we struggle to recover from the effects of the pandemic. And yet, it seems that is exactly what is happening.

The specter of federal reconciliation with new and/or increased corporate taxes has returned, and once again, those of us who work in the manufacturing industry need Senator Manchin’s help. Raising taxes now will hurt local businesses and jeopardize our good manufacturing jobs.

In 2017, historic tax reforms helped West Virginia manufacturers. Now, at a time when we have learned the value of national supply chains, raising taxes on businesses would have a dramatic negative effect on our ability to compete in a global manufacturing economy. Simply put, we don’t need additional hurdles that would impede our ability to relocate manufacturing investment and jobs.

I ask Senator Manchin to oppose raising taxes on companies like Kent Cartridge which supports 29 high-paying jobs in West Virginia. We can help solve future supply chain problems while providing great manufacturing careers in our communities, but not if we are at a tax disadvantage. As we strive to rebuild after COVID and the myriad operational and economic issues it has created, we cannot absorb additional tax burdens.

West Virginians should heed the reckless nature of the proposals woven into the reconciliation package and applaud Senator Manchin’s past efforts to reject them. I hope he continues to put West Virginia first and say no to the proposed tax hikes.