Manufacturers of surgical dressings continue to strike

About 2,000 looms involved in the manufacture of surgical dressing fabrics went on strike for the second day in a row to demand a reduction in the price of raw materials.

The manufacturers, under the auspices of the Association of Surgical Dressing Tissue Manufacturers, Chatrapatti, began the four-day strike from Wednesday.

The looms are located in Chatrapatti, Samsigapuram, Sankarapandiyapuram and Ayyanapuram.

“Cotton yarn which was sold for 9,000 yen in September has now risen to 13,500 yen,” said association president N. Senthilraj.

Likewise, the cost of other raw materials, including acid and firewood, has risen sharply. The rise in the price of diesel resulted in a 25% increase in the freight rate, he added.

He complained that all state governments have stopped purchasing surgical dressings due to COVID-19. “We have lost important business and have a lot of finished products stagnating in our inventory. In the given situation, we cannot make the looms work because we will not be able to sell them, he said.

The association demanded that the state and the Center take action to bring down the price of raw materials and start purchasing their products for the benefit of the livelihoods of 12,000 employees who are directly and indirectly employed in the industry. .

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