Manufacturing Institute honors Gabrielle Ferrara for excellence in leadership in the U.S. manufacturing sector

Gabrielle said: “I am honored to receive this award. At Ferrara Manufacturing, we continue to build our modern manufacturing organization seeing the direct benefits of empowering our workforce and creating a positive, diverse and passionate work environment and culture. I thank everyone. on our team at Ferrara Manufacturing, my parents and The Manufacturing Institute for supporting our vision for the future of American garment engineering. “

“Our business is built on excellence. More than half of our highly skilled and diverse team is made up of women, and for 34 years we have been manufacturing in United States, we are therefore delighted that one of our leaders represents us all to be part of this prestigious group in the industrial space. It is essential that manufacturing continues to diversify our leadership base in order to create a more equitable and sustainable industry, ”said Ferrara Manufacturing, owner and co-founder, Carolyn Ferrara.

The STEP Women’s Initiative is the country’s flagship program aimed at closing the gender gap in the manufacturing sector. STEP strives to foster a 21st century manufacturing workforce by empowering and inspiring women in manufacturing through recognition, research and leadership, as well as by motivating alumni to pay them by mentoring the next generation. The STEP Ahead Awards recognize outstanding women in manufacturing and motivate them to mentor the next generation through an annual awards gala and alumni programs. The stories of these women and the leadership they demonstrate will help inspire the next generation of women leaders in the manufacturing sector and support the female talents already present in the industry. In the program’s first five years, the STEP Ahead Award winners reached over 300,000 people, from industry peers to school-aged children.

The biggest challenge facing manufacturers remains the growing workforce crisis – the shortage of qualified talent to fill vacant positions. Manufacturers can close the 50% skills gap simply by attracting 10% more women to the industry. Women make up about half of the U.S. workforce, but make up less than a third of the manufacturing workforce. STEP Ahead empowers and inspires women in the manufacturing industry. The goal is to create networks for women to be supported in their industry and to nurture role models who can motivate and mentor the next generation.

At November 4, The Manufacturing Institute will recognize 130 recipients of the STEP Ahead Awards at a gala at Washington DC The STEP Ahead Awards program will highlight Gabrielle’s story, including her leadership and achievements in manufacturing with Ferrara Supply.

Ferrara Manufacturing is a high-end bespoke clothing production company in New York City. The organization was founded in 1987 by the team of wife and husband, Carolyn and Joseph Ferrara. The company’s mission is to produce the highest quality garments with attention to detail, construction and fit. Daughter and son, Gabrielle Ferrara and Angelo Ferrara, joined the company in 2016 to manage day-to-day operations, invest in cutting-edge technologies and focus on growth. For more information, please visit

The Manufacturing Institute develops and supports skilled workers in the manufacturing industry for the advancement of modern manufacturing. The Manufacturing Institute’s various initiatives support all American workers, including women, veterans, and students, through job training programs, community building, and career advancement in manufacturing. . As a workforce development and education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers, The Manufacturing Institute is a trusted advisor to manufacturers, equipping them with the resources to solve the toughest challenges of the world. ‘industry. For more information, please visit

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