Millstone officials ban cannabis companies from operating in township


MILLSTONE – Township committee members have taken action to ban the operation of cannabis businesses in Millstone Township.

On July 21, members of the governing body passed an ordinance prohibiting all cannabis establishments, growers, distributors and delivery services from operating in Millstone.

Delivery of cannabis and / or related cannabis supplies to addresses in the Township of Millstone by a delivery service based outside the Township will be permitted.

The ordinance amends the municipal code and adds establishments, distributors and delivery services of cannabis as prohibited uses in all zoning districts.

The committee’s adoption of the order follows New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulation, Enforcement and Modernization Act, also known as A-21, which was passed by state lawmakers in February after New Jersey voters in 2020 approved a constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana.

The legislation legalizes the recreational use (also known as adult use) of marijuana for certain adults, subject to state regulation; it decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana and hashish (a concentrate of marijuana); and it is removing marijuana as a Schedule I (high abuse potential) drug.

According to Millstone’s order, state law established six market categories of licensed cannabis businesses: grower, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, and delivery service.

As stated in the ordinance, state law allows municipal officials to prohibit the operation of cannabis businesses within their community boundaries.

The ban was to be passed by Millstone Township officials by August 22, or else automatic zoning would have taken place for the cannabis trade for a five-year period in the municipality.

No member of the public or city committee commented on the cannabis ordinance before it was passed.


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