MLP SA: Group and BayernLB enter into a € 41.25 million transaction to finance the Unna project


MLP Group (MLP Logistic Park Germany I) has signed a credit facility agreement with BayernLB (Bayerische Landesbank) for an investment credit facility of EUR 41.25 million (approx. PLN 188 million). The facility will be used to finance the MLP Logistics Park Unna project. The partnership with the bank will strengthen the financial stability of the MLP group.

The MLP Group has entered into a credit facility agreement with one of the largest financial institutions in Germany. Under the deal, BayernLB Munich will lend up to € 41.25 million (approx. PLN 188 million) in total to the major warehouse developer. The agreement demonstrates that the Bank recognizes the position and potential of the MLP group and attaches great importance to its projects.

The MLP Group will use the facility primarily to finance the construction of MLP Logistics Park Unna. The project will ultimately provide approximately 56,500 m² of modern warehouse space.

“We have entered into a landmark transaction securing the financing of one of the MLP Group’s key projects in Germany. Given the rapid expansion of our operations in Germany, working with local financial institutions is vital for us. The partnership with BayernLB, one of Germany’s leading financial institutions, will strengthen our financial position by providing a source of funding for the MLP Logistics Park Unna project. It also paves the way for collaboration on other projects in the future, ‘ noted Monika Dobosz Chief Financial Officer of MLP Group SA

– We are very happy to support MLP Group in this attractive project with our in-depth financing expertise. With its modern functionality and the DGNB Gold Standard, MLP Logistics Park Unna positively contributes to our strategy of financing progress and sustainability. MLP Group has demonstrated its strength in securing and developing excellent locations for logistics properties for many years in Poland, and recently also in Germany. BayernLB is proud to add to its international clientele an experienced player with a long experience in the logistics market – noted Robert Hetzner of BayernLB.

MLP Logistics Park Unna was pre-published under a 15-year contract. The new facility will be occupied by a tenant, L-SHOP-TEAM, Germany’s largest B2B textile wholesaler. As required by the tenant, the logistics park will offer many advanced features, including a fully automated storage area, modern offices and flexible wellness facilities including a canteen and kindergarten. In accordance with the MLP Group’s strategy, all new projects are implemented in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. MLP Logistics Park Unna is built in accordance with the DGNB Gold standard, to be confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

Construction of the MLP Logistics Park Unna project is underway. The old buildings were demolished in the first half of the year to make way for new spaces. Once completed, the installation is expected to be delivered in the first half of 2022.

MLP Logistics Park Unna is built on 12.5 hectares of land and should ultimately deliver a total leasable area of ​​56,500 m². The logistics center is located in Unna, North Rhine-Westphalia, in the northeastern part of the Ruhr area. Being one of the largest sales markets in Europe, the urban Ruhr area is extremely attractive for logistics operators.


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