More Coffee Buying Stalls Appear

Coffee-buying stalls are springing up at strategic locations in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, as the 2022 coffee year approaches.

Stalls can be seen from Paragon to Faniufa to Mambu and even to the western end of Goroka serving parchment coffee from Henganofi, Okapa and Lufa districts and local government areas of Unggai and of lower Bena of the district of Unggai-Bena.

Some are also set up at Chuave market along the highland highway to Chimbu, Jiwaka and highland provinces to meet coffee needs from Daulo district and Gahuku rural local government area in the Goroka district.

In Seigu, on the east side of the Goroka central business district, are stalls for coffee from the Upper Bena local government area of ​​the Unggai-Bena district.

Others are set up along Elizabeth Street next to the Goroka Bowling Club. Booths are also set up at the district headquarters and even in the communities.

Pikuto Lehu of Leli Coffee, one of those who set up a coffee stand next to the Goroka Bowling Club, said they buy parchment coffee at K8.50 a kilo.

These coffee stalls buy from smallholders of coffee plots and then resell to exporters at a different price.

Coffee exporters buy parchment coffee, but it depends on PMV drivers and rural operator teams to bring farmers to exporters.

PMV operators who transport coffee growers to exporters normally earn 0.05K for each kilogram of coffee sold.

The coffee season normally kicks in during the months of April, May and June for hot climate areas and continues through July and August for cold climate areas.

Monpi Coffee managing director Chris Anders said during the COVID-19 outbreak last year they stocked coffee during its season and exported a number of bags of coffee beans under time contracts. in time until the next coffee season sets in.

Meanwhile, the Coffee Industry Corporation, in its December 2021 newsletter, expects high returns from coffee exports due to poor weather conditions in Brazil.