Nearly three million cars recalled in Korea last year

The number of cars recalled last year was 2.93 million, a record.

The Korea Transportation Safety Authority announced on Jan. 16 that 2,932,820 cars divided into 2,443 models were recalled in South Korea last year. The figure, which is a record, is the sum of those ordered by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Ministry of Environment in terms of safety and the environment, respectively.

The cars include 1,757,310 divided into 71 models made by South Korean automakers. This figure is the third highest behind those recorded in 2018 and 2017. As for imported cars, the figures are 1,175,510 and 2,372 and the former exceeded one million for the first time in history.

The cars include 936,918 Hyundai Motor, 602,271 Kia, 565,369 BMW and 351,974 Mercedes-Benz. Of the total, 982,943 were recalled for power generation faults and 945,936 and 730,763 were recalled for brake and electrical faults, respectively.

The Korea Transportation Safety Authority said the increase in recalls was linked to the current trend of vehicle electrification. “Furthermore, consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive and car manufacturers, importers and car sellers are becoming increasingly active in responding to issues,” he said.