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FROM FORCE TO FORCE: Kari Moffat, President of the Young Livestock Exporter’s Network, says DAWE’s support is a key step in securing sustainable funding for the organization.

The Young Livestock Exporters Network is one of the beneficiaries of the Networks to Strengthen Drought Resilience program of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Environment.

The funding will allow YLEN to develop services for members, in particular an online portal allowing them to access a multi-platform education and capacity building program.


“We are delighted to be one of many worthy recipients of the Future Drought Fund program and are excited about the opportunities it will provide for our members,” said Kari Moffat, President of YLEN.

“For us, this is the next step in sustainably resourcing the organization. Over the past three years, we have gone from strength to strength, with the network now growing to over 250 members nationwide. .”

Funding was provided to regional organizations that assist in the preparedness and strengthening of regional communities and their response to drought and climate change.

“This announcement, coupled with the $25,000 raised last week at the YLEN-Georgina Pastoral Future NTCA event in Darwin, along with continued member support, has put the network on solid footing,” Ms. Moffat said.

Last year, YLEN provided over 50 training positions across nine distinct programs to its members and this year is looking to expand further on these opportunities.

YLEN aims to encourage young people to get involved in the livestock export supply chain as well as provide pathways for industry players to continue their professional development.

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