Nigeria’s Imports Drop 50% Due to Rising Tariffs, Importers Lament

Representatives of importers under the aegis of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) blamed the decline in the level of imports into the country on the increase in the cost of tariffs imposed on import units of cargoes. by the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS). It was even as customs brokers revealed that imports have fallen by 50 percent at the country’s ports in recent days.

Speaking at the ANLCA National Executive Council (NEC) meeting on Tuesday in Lagos, the association’s national president, Mr. Tony Iju, explained that the recent increase in duties on 40ft containers by Customs at N3m has compounded the difficulties faced by importers in the country’s ports.

According to the National President of ANLCA, “You will recall that at the last meeting of the NEC, we pointed out many issues that militate against the clearance of cargoes in our ports, which this NECOM faced head-on.

“We raised this issue at the last NEC meeting where we were mandated to go to Abuja. NECOM led by myself went to defend the allegation of obstruction of rights imposed against us by the management of the Nigerian customs service. We have been to the National Assembly twice on this issue.

“We were successful in convincing the House Committee on Custom to force the Nigeria Customs Service to discuss all matters with our NECOM, in particular the arbitrary increase in the value of the PAAR.

“Members of the NEC, the recent event in which customs unilaterally increased the value of 40ft containers to three million naira proved us right and we are all living witnesses to the consequences of this.

“There is an urgent need for NECOM members to seek an audience with the federal government, through the Federal Ministry of Finance, before things get out of hand. The level of imports to Nigerian ports has fallen by around 50 percent lately due to this overbearing of the current leadership of NCS.

“NEC should immediately call for the reorganization of the Nigerian Customs management team to reorganize our country’s struggling economy or, better yet, we advise the federal government to seek out a large, experienced and qualified officer to lead the service out of the country. of the present. quagmire. The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index 2021 indicates that this current management team lacks the ideas, professional and technical knowledge to move our economy forward. Every developing country like ours has continued to use the COVID-19 backlash in positive ways to advance its economy.

“We also insisted that management provide us with the standard operating procedure that will be used for the implementation and operations of the newly acquired Scanners machine before it becomes bastard. We noticed a version about a few hours ago and our Policy and Strategy Committee is hereby mandated to study it and report back to NECOM.

“The NCS management team has shown with all its policies that it is not a professional institution, so the struggling economy will continue to be in a coma, it is thanks to its intention to generate only of revenues, distorts Nigerian importers by slamming them with a frivolous demand. notices and arbitrary increase in Pre-Arrival Assessment Reports (PAAR) without discrimination, which overrides all international and national regulations such as GAAT, Article Vii and the Assessment Act 20 of 2003, respectively. “


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