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Mughal tents are examples of the rich Indian art form, majestic tents and their sale around the world.

JODHPUR, RAJASTHAN, INDIA, December 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Kirti Creations has been making tents for over 15 years. Their roots can be traced back to Rajasthan and Jodhpur, which makes their products authentic and rich in detail while being tailored to the customer’s needs. Their tents are delivered worldwide and loved for their dazzling and colossal design. The main goal of Kirti Creations has been to design and deliver wedding accommodation tents. The traditional benefit of their tents has often been a center of attraction in different cultural ceremonies.

Mughal tents and why are they famous

Among other things that the Mughals brought with them, their tents were loved and worshiped all over India and subsequently around the world. They carried the Ottoman style from Central Asia and mixed them with Indian craftsmanship to present a unique accommodation piece whose designs remain unmatched even today. The Mughal tent additionally has its own set of classifications.

They can be customized according to the size, theme and type of event. Kirti Creations specializes in customizing every order and making them as close as possible to the buyer’s expectations and needs. Here are some of the Mughal tents they have specialized in over the years.

Imperial Mughal tents
Monolithic Mughal tents
Mughal party tents
Romantic Mughal tents
Colonial Mughal tents
Mughal royal tents
Classic Mughal tents

Each carries a sense of the old style of decoration and design that instantly familiarizes people with the rich history of Indian art and culture.

Mughal wedding tents

Kirti Creations has been a leading supplier of wedding tents. Whether within the borders of India or some far away abroad, their products have reached many wedding destinations and added a touch of royalty and elegance to the party. A Mughal tent is distinctly recognized by its triangular top which is usually made up of colors of a lighter shade. Mughal tents are probably one of the most famous Indian tents.

Being inside one of our Mughal tents gives people a feeling of grandeur and astonishment. Their tents go through rigorous quality checks to ensure that every corner receives the finesse they promise to deliver. Their royal Mughal tents and hand-crafted Mughal tents certainly establish a status of class and taste in wedding ceremonies of all cultural backgrounds.

In the past, the Mughals created a sort of colony where they pitched tents for their temporary residence. The area around the King’s Tent, also known as the Imperial Palace, was highly adorned and distinguished by the most prestigious and alluring works of art. These works of art became less lavish with the ranks. Today, customers can get Mughal tents of artwork of the most intricate and lavish styles similar to those of Mughal kings all over the world.

What makes the Mughal tent special

Kirti Creations is a recognized name when it comes to ceremonial tents. For parties large or small, suave or colorful, their tents have satisfied customers and added the necessary sparkle to ceremonies and parties all over the world. Their native workers carry the authentic sense of detail and design that sets them apart from others.

Their tents are made of materials suitable to survive all weather conditions. Beach parties, ceremonies or camping, Mughal tents adapt to all kinds of occasions.

Kirti Creations has helped organize weddings beautifully and successfully. Whether it’s a pre or post wedding ceremony, their Mughal tents adapt wonderfully to the aura of a party. They are pioneers in what they do and all of their products are manufactured to international standards. They also monitor trends and styles and keep modifying our product line accordingly.

Their clients can choose from a wide range of premium designs and Indian artwork made using the best raw materials, modern techniques and equipment and are managed by a team of modern and indigenous workers. This method helps them bring together the best of both worlds.

Kirti Creations also takes care of a plethora of other ceremonies besides weddings. Below is a list of occasions and places where their tents have made their presence;

Birthday parties
Residential purposes
Religious events

During their 15 years in business, they have sold thousands of products and built strong relationships with many customers. Tents are now a sine qua non of any outdoor ceremony, especially a wedding ceremony. Kirti Creations not only provides great products, but their customer service also stays with the customer from start to product delivery. They periodically inform their customers of the status of orders and ensure efficient and rapid delivery. They use trusted delivery partners like FedEx and DHL for seamless shipping to India as well as all over the world.

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