Richmond Hill pharmacy sees higher demand for COVID-19 tests

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) – Many people are planning New Years Eve for this weekend.

The OMCC spoke with a local pharmacist to see what the demand for COVID-19 testing looks like right now.

At the height of the pandemic, Richmond Hill pharmacy pharmacist Alex Tucker said they were testing around 30 people a day. Then, in the last few months, the number has dropped dramatically, until now.

“When I got there this morning, we already had 14 or 15 people asking for testing today,” Tucker said.

The tests are in high demand as people return home from where they spent Christmas.

“The majority of them were either symptomatic or exposed to someone with COVID. “

He says since last week they have seen an increase in the number of requests for COVID-19 testing. He says it’s typical to see in the weeks that end the vacation.

“We still do, of course, a lot of travel tests. These people usually have no obvious signs or symptoms. I’m just looking to get on a plane and travel somewhere.

This is the case with Cindy Waldrop and her husband who are going on a cruise later this week.

“We have to show the cruise line that we are negative so that we can get on the ship,” Waldrop said.

Waldrop says it’s her third travel test she’s taking this year.

“It’s okay and my insurance isn’t paying, but it’s worth the trip.”

Tucker says what a lot of people find more convenient is taking a home test, but they’re struggling to keep them on the shelves.

“We’re going to order the max, obviously, and these will be in stock here for no more than two days and we’re full.” Getting these tests, like I said, is just hit and miss. “

Tucker says they get at least 10 calls a day from people asking if they have them in stock.

“Our wholesaler tells us the next release date for them would be the second week of January, so for the next three weeks we’re still able to get the ones we’re playing here at the store.”

Tucker says there are people calling to make an appointment for a test because they found out they were exposed over Christmas weekend, but he reminds people that they have to wait around. four to five days after exposure to take a test to get a more accurate result.

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