Sauce Magazine – Bob’s Seafood in University City is permanently closing

Bob’s Seafood in University City is closing permanently

Bob’s Seafood, the longtime seafood wholesaler and retailer at 8660 Olive Blvd. in University City, will close Saturday, June 4, due to an eminent domain seizure by University town.

“We’ve fought tooth and nail to stay open,” Chief Executive Josiah Badenoch said, “but the government gets what it wants.”

Originally founded by Bob Mepham in the late 70’s, Bob’s Seafood has been serving fresh seafood to area grocery stores, restaurants and seafood lovers for 46 years. Mepham started the establishment with the intention of introducing fresh seafood to a terribly landlocked state that often lacks fresh fish. Weekly trips to the Gulf to directly source seafood eventually shortened to daily airport shipment pick-up trips as the business grew and moved to its current location in U. City in 2005. Now co-owned by Mepham and his wife Barbara, the couple plan to retire after the shutdown. Specific future plans for the space are still unknown, but mixed-use development is planned for the area.

Find more closure updates on Bob’s Seafood’s Facebook.