Soaring gas prices force Kwara women to use the stove


Many women in Ilorin, Kwara State, have resorted to cooking stoves due to the rising price of gas.
Some housewives interviewed by LEADERSHIP in the metropolis of Ilorin deplored the sudden increase in the price of cooking gas.
They said the development has worsened the economy of many households.

A housewife, Taibat Kadir, said that a 12.5 kg bottle she previously filled with 4,000 N now goes for 5,000 N while a 6.5 kg bottle is now refilled with 3,000 N compared to the previous price of 2000 N.
“I am surprised at this astronomical increase in the price of gas,” Kadir lamented.
She urged the federal government to intervene since the rise in the cost of gas has been attributed to the high exchange rate.
She said many housewives have resorted to kerosene stoves for home cooking.

A restaurateur, Alhaja Sikirat Bolaji, said the rising price of gas affected her business as she was now spending more money on the product.
Another respondent, Alhaja Omowumi Ishola, also lamented the rising price of gas, urging the government to intervene in the interests of the masses.

Cooking gas trader Okafor Nwachukwu blamed the situation on the failure of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to create a dedicated foreign exchange counter for importing cooking gas.
He said: “Importers of cooking gas buy foreign currency at high prices, which in turn affects the price of the product. The cost of importing dictates the price the merchandise gets for consumers, but no importer runs a charity. “


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