The Daily Herald – Local charities and wholesalers to discuss joint food campaign

The NPOs that donate food in Saint-Martin came together in a workshop organized by NPOwer and Freegan Food Foundation to address the issue of food sustainability for people in need.

PHILIPSBURG – Local organizations that provide food assistance to children through daycares, afternoon school programs and foster homes, as well as seniors and families living in poverty, are exploring a new approach to help those in need. Several organizations will meet with the main food wholesalers on Tuesday.

The end of the largest food program funded by the Dutch government, in close collaboration with the government of Saint-Martin and managed by the Saint-Martin Development Fund (SMDF) in collaboration with local non-profit organizations (NPOs) , created an urgent need for a new and sustainable approach to the fight against hunger in the country. Income now comes mainly from the financing of Samenwerkende Fondsen (Cooperation Fund) and Resources for Community Resilience (R4CR).

After a workshop-like meeting hosted by the Foundation’s latest Foresee (4C) NPOwer project, NPO invited leading grocery wholesalers to meet on Tuesday to discuss a common approach. NPOs will advocate for a ‘win-win situation’ with more efficient wholesale purchasing, utilizing the charitable programs of various international suppliers and streamlining a more efficient purchasing and delivery method suitable for wholesalers and NPOs local.

This NPO-wholesalers meeting is one of six action points established during the workshop held on September 16 to address the need for a sustainable approach to food supply for the needy. Seventeen organizations were represented at the workshop organized by NPOwer and the director of the Freegan Food Foundation, Joost de Jong.

NPOs and wholesalers must further harness community collaboration and creativity to help the most vulnerable people in Saint-Martin, workshop participants concluded. “The scarcity of food and the future lack of funding [require] rethink current practices and relationships between local and international suppliers.

The NPOs are considering the following action points: raising awareness of locally grown and locally available foods; take advantage of available food sources at the most cost effective price; working with international wholesalers and suppliers to access donations; pooling funds and resources to make larger bulk purchases; create and monitor an online platform to manage food stocks in times of abundance; and facilitate organizations that work together to use items, equipment, kitchens, vans and computer technology.

Tuesday’s meeting will take place at the R4CR / Samenwerkende Fondsen office in A.Th. Illidge Road 60, in the old Windward Islands Bank building next to the National Police offices, 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

NPOwer, on behalf of NPOs and the Freegan Food Foundation, welcomes all food suppliers to this meeting to discuss how creative thinking can lead to more collaboration and action to help people in the need for the coming months.

For more information on food sustainability support, please do not hesitate to contact

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