The importance of wholesale fabric underscored by summer fashion trend TikTok of “Coconut Girl,” according to Fabric Selection Inc.


Fabric Selection Inc. is based in Los Angeles and supplies fabric nationwide.

Fashion trends are changing faster than ever thanks to social media, and for brands to keep pace, they need access to a reliable fabric supplier.

A July 12 post on ET Online reports on the latest summer fashion trend popularized on TikTok called “Coconut Girl”. Inspired by Aloha shirts and surf culture, the style includes hibiscus flower prints, vibrant pastels and retro 2000s looks. The article says the Coconut Girl trend is the result of “summer optimism. young people “following the COVID-19 pandemic, with fashionistas looking to escape the reality of last year. Fabric Selection Inc., a Los Angeles-based online fabric wholesaler, says this is a great example of how fashion trends are changing faster than ever thanks to social media, and for brands keep pace, they need access to a reliable fabric supplier.

Fabric Selection Inc. claims that for designers and their collections to be successful, they must have connections to a wide selection of materials, not just those that are currently popular. The supplier says that while some fashion and print styles can be seasonal and predictable, others like the Coconut Girl trend or tie-dye can bring back looks from decades past. Fabric Selection Inc. notes that brands will save invaluable time when they know where to find all kinds of fabrics in one place: current styles, classic patterns and prints.

The Los Angeles-based manufacturer says the quality of the materials is just as important as access. The company says customers take note of clothes that are well made and can be worn for many years. Fabric Selection Inc. comments that a fabric that looks great and lasts a long time is sure to win over consumers, bringing them back for more shopping in the future.

Fabric Selection Inc. notes that, as shopping for wholesale fabrics online can be difficult, suppliers should have an easy-to-navigate website that provides as much information as possible about each product. The Southern California-based company says it understands the challenges designers face when it comes to sourcing materials online, which is why Fabric Selection Inc. is committed to maintaining its online catalog at up to date with the latest inventory numbers. When customers visit its website, Fabric Selection Inc. claims that they will always be able to see how many yards of each fabric are currently in stock.

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