The new promotional campaign to raise awareness of Tasmanian cherries in Taiwan

Fruit Growers Tasmania launches the very first state cherry promotional campaign in Taiwan, aimed at developing an important market for local growers.

CEO Peter Cornish said it will be a four-week campaign running on Facebook and YouTube and featuring three short videos that show where and how Tasmanian cherries are grown; highlighting their freshness, color and size. These videos take the viewer to the Tasmanian Grown Cherries Facebook page which identifies Tasmanian brands available for purchase online and in store.

“The concept of the campaign is to raise awareness and encourage Taiwanese to purchase Tasmanian cherries as gifts to share with friends and family during Lunar New Year celebrations,” said Mr. Cornish. “The sentiment behind the campaign is that fresh Tasmanian cherries are a delicious New Year’s gift from ‘our island to yours.’ YouTube and Facebook are two widely used social media platforms in Taiwan.”

Taiwan was chosen as the market to conduct this consumer campaign for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is an important market for Tasmania; and the third behind Hong Kong and Vietnam. In 2020-2021, Tasmania sold $ 6.4 million (396 tonnes) of cherries to Taiwan.

“Tasmania is the only state that exports to Taiwan – so the campaign would focus on supporting Tasmanian exporters,” Cornish added. “It’s a very concentrated market of 23.5 million people, which makes a targeted consumer campaign possible. In the month of January, there are around 3,500 tonnes of cherries on the market, of which Tasmania accounts for around 7-10%. It is a reasonable basis. on which to build visibility and increase market share. “

Mr Cornish says the state’s main competitor, New Zealand, has largely had this market to itself, with no Australian marketing carried out in the past.

“This will support and build on the business-to-business campaign targeting importers and retailers that Austrade is simultaneously leading for cherries in Taiwan,” he said. “This is part of the ‘Shine with Australia’ campaign. Over the past two years, COVID-19 has prevented exporters from participating in regular export marketing activities such as trade shows, trade delegations and tours. Incoming buyers. These events provide an opportunity to reconnect with buyers and re-establish a presence in the markets. This promotional campaign helps, in part, to sustain connections where face-to-face discussions have not been possible.

The Tasmanian cherry industry believes the opportunity could be significant, according to Cornish, who explains that Tasmania’s ability to airmail fresh cherries to Taiwan within 48-72 hours of picking, and not requiring no phytosanitary treatment, means that the fruit is picked from the tree, sorted, packed and ready to eat.

“It’s a growing market that we want to develop further – our volume to Taiwan has grown 25% over the past five years,” said Cornish. “Tasmania can supply high quality fresh red cherries which are air shipped to Taiwan. These arrive in pristine condition and on time for the Lunar New Year celebrations (February 1, 2022) and make an attractive and delicious gift to share with your friends and family. “

The campaign is also focusing on young professionals with a level of disposable income who are interested in purchasing higher quality products, as comments from importers have indicated that this demographic – the financially independent young Taiwanese men and women are most likely to be interested in purchasing premium fruit as gifts. But also, other interested demographics may include primary caregivers and heads of household shopping in supermarkets for their families.

Last year, cherry exports increased by 40% compared to the 2019-20 season, and Mr. Cornish said this season’s growers are optimistic about the level of exports despite challenges such as limited air freight and seasonal labor supply.

“This year’s harvest appears to be of high quality and is expected to be of a similar volume to last year with the commissioning of new orchards,” he said. “The rain events were relatively minor and many orchards have installed rain covers to manage this risk and ensure a reliable level of quality and quantity.”

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