The Norwegian importer VW will stop selling thermal vehicles

The Norwegian importer Volkswagen Møller Mobility Group has decided to import electric cars only from January 1, 2024. The sale of combustion engines and plug-in hybrids is to be discontinued.

This would mean that Volkswagen in Norway would say goodbye to combustion engines two years earlier than required by the Norwegian government. The government had decided that all new passenger car registrations should be purely electric by the end of 2025.

Ulf Tore Hekneby, boss of the Volkswagen importer, is hoping for more ambitious targets from the government, such as a fixed date after which at least half the vehicle fleet must be emission-free. The share of electric cars in the Norwegian fleet is currently 18%. The zero-emission share in VW’s passenger car fleet is even currently 22%, which is higher than the entire market.

Hekneby also points to a report by the Institute of Transport Economics that 50% of the passenger car fleet could be electrified by 2036 if all current incentives are maintained, including the VAT exemption on electric cars, which is to be abolished January 1, 2023 if the vehicle costs more than 500,000 crowns (equivalent to just under 49,000 euros currently). He believes that removing this subsidy alone could mean that the target of 50% electric vehicles in the fleet may not be reached before 2042.

In terms of new registrations, just over 6,900 of VW’s 8,500 newly registered passenger cars were purely electric, a share of just under 81%. The lion’s share, over 5,400 units, goes to the VW ID.4. The Audi group sister even reached 97% during the same period. According to Hekneby, the delivery situation will determine exactly how high the share of electric cars will be at VW this year. BEV’s share could already be significantly higher.

A look at the market as a whole shows that, at least in terms of new registrations, the step towards 100% new BEV cars is getting closer. This year, electric cars accounted for more than 70% of new registrations. (in German), (in Norwegian)