“They have six manufacturers” – Pierre Gasly wants Formula 1 to be more competitive and more competitive like MotoGP


“They have six manufacturers” – Pierre Gasly is excited about the new regulations coming to Formula 1 next season and hopes it will make things as competitive as in MotoGP.

Formula 1 has been lackluster when it comes to competition for the past decade, with only Red Bull and Mercedes winning world titles. But with the new regulations and the release of a new car in 2022, there is real hope that a Ferrari or an Aston Martin can steal the crown and give it a chance to win another race like it did. in Monza.

Pierre Gasly certainly hopes things will be more competitive, comparing the ideal situation with MotoGP, where several teams are vying for first place. A similar situation in F1 would see his AlphaTauri team compete regularly for wins and podiums.

“I think the rule change is trying to close the gap between all the teams.

“Compare with MotoGP, for example, which I find fascinating because they have six manufacturers, Honda, Ducati, Yamaha, Aprilia, KTM. I missed one [Suzuki].

“But basically everyone has to have a chance to win races during the season because the balance of performance makes them closer to each other.

“I think that’s what F1 should be aiming for, basically, put a little more incentive into a driver’s performance and give everyone a chance to win some days and make things a little more unpredictable.

“Like I said, these great teams have had a lot more resources, a lot more money in so many years that they’ve learned a lot.

“The knowledge they have of everything is multiplied compared to small teams with less budget. The facilities they’ve built are more efficient, better tools, so it’s hard to catch up.

“But I think F1 is going in the right direction to try to bring the peloton a bit closer.

“If we do that, then I think stronger results and podiums in midfield, there will be a lot more chances and that’s what we need as a midfield team.”

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