US importer UAZ Russian suspends operations for obvious reasons

From the 1950s until the closure of its Italian operations in 2018, Bremach built giant work trucks. Hung by the nails, the American branch of the company has teamed up with UAZ to stay afloat. Depending on what happens next, this could prove to be a blow to the company.

If reports indicate that the company has received 38,000 deposits of $100 for the SUV model (called Taos) are true, Bremach will feel the pain. The importer debuted its 4×4 SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November and forgoing all those deposits, let alone actual sales, is a major success.

Close in size to a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, the Bremach SUV is markedly streamlined, devoid of what it calls “fancy screens” in a press release about the vehicle. With a price tag of around $26,000, anything fancy is out of the question. California-based Bremach was preparing to receive parts from Russia and assemble the SUVs in the United States, which circumvents the “Chicken Tax” tariff on imported trucks. And Bremach planned to make some adaptations of the Taos for the US market with the support and blessing of UAZ engineers.

The importer was set to aggressively pursue its competition in the 4×4 SUV segment, and it looks like it would do quite well. Hopefully it will weather this slump so we can get a look at these vehicles in the US.

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