Vegetable prices soar as rain damages crops | Calcutta News

Calcutta: After a brief respite, vegetable prices are on the rise again in retail markets with a yawning gap between supply and demand due to massive damage to growing crops from the rain.
On Friday, most vegetable prices climbed from Rs 20 to Rs 30 per kg from what they were at the start of the week, when the supply line was still strong despite heavy rains. “The supply was largely supported by the harvests. But after the torrential rains, crops in South Bengal were damaged, creating a supply line problem, ”said Kamal De, president of the Bengal Vendors’ Association.
Supply could be further affected if the rain continued, traders said. “Most farmers sell their produce from the fields in a hurry. Some of them are brought into town and are sold at a higher price, ”added De.
“The prices of vegetables have increased further. The price of LPG is at an all time high. The prices of mustard oil and spices continued to skyrocket without interruption. The kitchen budget is literally on fire. Coming to the market is no longer a pleasure but a nightmare. We inevitably burn a big hole in our pockets, ”said Anirban Guha, an employee of a private insurance company.
“The quality of the products is not really good because some of the vegetables that reach the markets have been collected from flooded fields. They can’t be stored for long, ”said Tarun Das, a retailer at Jadubabur Bazar.
“Vegetables like parwal (pointed squash), which used to sell for between Rs 35 and 40 per kg, now sell for Rs 70,” said Gour Saha, a wholesaler at Kidderpore market. “Bitter gourd, which sold for Rs 40 per kg, now sells for Rs 60,” he added.
“A vast expanse of agricultural fields across Baruipur, Canning, Bongaon, Basirhat, Arambag and Dankuni – from where we supply our wholesale and retail markets with vegetables – is still underwater and vegetables are rotting in the field. “The unusually heavy rains in a very short period of time took a heavy toll on the standing crops,” said Gautam Sinha, a wholesaler at the Jinjira Bazaar.

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