Wholesalers “greedy” criticized amid rising oil prices in the region

The Texaco petrol station on Dudley Road in Blakenhall. At one point gasoline prices were around £ 1.55 per liter, but now they have come down

Motorists continued to queue at stations as average prices for unleaded gasoline and diesel began to rise amid persistent shortages.

The average price per liter of unleaded gasoline fell from 134.86 pence per liter on September 20 to 135.19 pence per liter on September 27, due to fuel shortages at service stations.

Figures from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy show that the average price of a liter of diesel fell from 137.35 pence to 137.95 pence during the same period.

Some service stations in the area have been criticized for inflating prices, with one station in Wolverhampton briefly offering unleaded at 149.9 pence and diesel at 155.9 pence, while another in Wednesbury charged 154.9 pence for unleaded and 156.9 pence for diesel.

Howard Cox, founder of the FairFuelUK campaign, said the price hike was due to fear-mongering messages from the government and criticized wholesalers in the fuel supply chain for the high prices.

He said: “We are seeing the prices at the pump go up 7-10p on average and many garages are increasing the fuel prices they have already paid at old prices, which is pure opportunistic greed.

“There is now fuel rationing causing more conflicts at the pump which will last 7-10 days and the military could help, but 5,000 EU driver visas will be a drop of rain in an ocean.

“Sadly, we are now seeing restless drivers outside garages, determined to make sure their vehicles are filled to the brim, one garage sending me a sales receipt that amounted to a top-up of just 90p.

Several garages have contacted FairFuelUK with confidence, saying their greedy wholesalers are driving up bulk supply prices, not based on oil costs, but because of this latest panic demand.

“The most affected drivers are almost certainly small independent companies, taxis and small to medium-sized logistics companies, which do not have internal bunker fuel to meet their needs.

“Rural garages and independent drivers are also affected, as well as caregivers and those who have to visit medical facilities regularly.

“Oil companies will give priority to forecourts with high profit margins such as motorway services and their own garages, because this approach is the most profitable for them.

“Avid wholesalers in the fuel supply chain will continue to raise prices on small independent franchised garages, which will also be the last to be supplied in bulk.

“The perfect Covid storm, Brexit and runaway fuel pricing have given the government an apology for the current situation.

“They need to come to terms with their inept and economically damaging crisis management and stop blaming the Road Haulage Association for causing the fuel supply crisis.

“This is purely a smokescreen for their ineptitude and misinformed long-term road user policies.”

RAC Fuel spokesperson Simon Williams said, “When it comes to prices at the pump, it’s a pretty bleak picture for drivers.

“With the price of oil rising and now near a three-year high, wholesale prices are being forced up, meaning retailers are paying more than a few days ago for the same amount of fuel. .

“As a result, the price of a liter of unleaded gasoline has already risen by a penny since Friday.

“We could still see higher forecourt prices in the next few days, regardless of current supply issues.

“We also know that a small number of retailers are taking advantage of the current delivery situation by raising prices, so we remind drivers to always compare the price they are asked to pay with the current UK averages of 136, 69p for gasoline and 138.58p for diesel. “


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