Why are COVID-19 home test kits hard to find?

Covid-19 testing sites are located throughout the city. Anyone can stop by the CVS Pharmacy, Deaconess Hospital, and even Walmart for free COVID-19 tests. All you have to do is make an appointment.

The same cannot be said for COVID-19 home test kits. Many drugstores and stores in the tri-state either do not have them in stock or have a few available for purchase.

“I got a dozen or so about three or four days ago, I’m down to two.” said John Marshall, pharmacist at T&T Drugs in Henderson. “you know they go so fast, you can’t keep them in stock.”

When it comes to restocking, Marshall says wholesalers don’t have a lot in stock.

A minor concern for some, home testing kits can play an important role in preventing the spread of the virus, and it’s much easier than going out and interacting with others.

“It just takes awhile, you have to quarantine for 3 days until you get the results and then the rest,” Marshall said. “So with that, you will know in 15 minutes whether or not you should quarantine right away.”

Home testing kits are also easier for businesses that require frequent testing for employees, but with low stock it is more difficult to access.

44 News did some research to find out why.

“Usually we get an order every day, but the wholesaler has to have them and that’s our problem with us,” Marshall said. “The wholesaler gets in a pile and they go so fast, then we have to wait for them to restock and you know, sometimes it’s just a matter of weeks before I can get any more.”

Your best bet is to order kits online.

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