Zimra will enforce full CBCA implementation

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The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) will apply from June 1 inspection of imported goods at all entry points to ensure compliance with Consignment Based Conformity Assessment (CBCA).

Under the CBCA scheme, all products regulated by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce imported into Zimbabwe must be accompanied by a CBCA certificate.

Importers have therefore been urged to fully comply with requirements aimed at curbing the influx of substandard products, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Dr Mavis Sibanda, said last week.

“June 1, 2022 marks the start date for full implementation of the new (CBCA) curriculum in Zimbabwe,” Dr Sibanda said in a speech read on his behalf by the Deputy Director of Quality Assurance in Bulawayo, Mrs Mary Chingonzoh.

“The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) will enforce full implementation of this program at all entry points. I call on our importers of goods to adhere to the requirements of the CBCA program.

Dr Sibanda said imported products that do not undergo inspection can potentially endanger the health of unsuspecting consumers.

Under the General Goods category, Dr Sibanda said goods listed under SI 124 OF 2020, which include medicines, electric and children’s toys, will be inspected by Bureau Veritas and Cotecna Inspection SA before being shipped to the country. .

Cotecna Inspection SA

Goods that do not meet international, regional and local standards will be refused entry into the country, she said.
Bureau Veritas and Cotecna Inspection SA have been tasked with inspecting consolidated shipments, which consist of small shipments of various products that have been consolidated into a single shipment or vessel through a registered or unregistered consolidator.

The enhanced CBCA program emerged following a successful review of the previous program, which was made possible through the incorporation of sentiments from the business sector, regulators, government and quasi-government departments, said Dr. Sibanda.